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Why the need for a pre-diagnosis tool in rare diseases?

1 in 20 people
have a rare disease.
(source : Fondation maladies rares, Mai 2016)
50% of patients suffering
from a rare disease are
without an accurate diagnosis today.
(source : Plan National Maladies Rares 2018-2022 (PNMR 3))
25% will wait more than
4 years until their diagnosis
is considered and made.
(source : Plan National Maladies Rares 2018-2022 (PNMR 3))


accelRare® is a digital solution targeting the physicians of the primary care network to help them :
  • Identify a rare disease as soon as possible based on their patients’ symptoms,
  • Speed up the referral of their patient to the closest expert center.

Precious time saved for both the practitioner and the patient!

What is accelRare®?
A digital tool that :
  • Helps with pre-diagnosis of rare diseases
  • Is anonymous, secured, simple and convenient in 5 steps
  • Is aimed at primary care physicians (pediatricians, specialists and general practitioners)
  • Searches among 270 rare diseases for which treatment and/or an adapted care exist today and eventually among the 7,000 rare diseases identified to date
  • Offers an adapted and relevant orientation, as close as possible to the patient's home
  • Relies on a pre-diagnostic solution called MedVir, certified medical device for which Medical Intelligence Service is the legal manufacturer and Sanofi is the distributor
    It can in no way replace the advice and diagnosis provided by a healthcare professional. It is for informational purposes only.
What is MedVir?
It is a tool for pre-diagnosing diseases (820 common and urgent diseases to date)
  • From symptoms described by patients in their own words
  • Based on artificial intelligence and developed by Dr. Loïc Etienne
  • Resulting from 32 years of research and 14 years of use with 87% of accurate diagnoses (studies with the Lariboisière Emergency Department)
  • With prestigious references such as the CNRS and the APHP
  • Of which Medical Intelligence Service (MIS) is the legal manufacturer
Explore MedVir →

accelRare®’s ambition

Detect as soon as possible a patient suffering from a rare disease and accelerate his referral to an expert center to confirm the diagnosis.

The origins of accelRare®

A digital solution born from the open innovation process started in 2018 with the active contribution of 37 actors of the French health ecosystem.

The diagnostic delay

Some concrete examples

DISEASE Diagnosis lag time
for 50% of patients
Diagnosis lag time
for 75% of patients
Cystic fibrosis 1.5 months 15 months
Tuberous sclerosis 4 months 3 years
Duchenne muscular dystrophy 12 months 3 years
Prader willi syndrome 18 months 6.1 years
Marfan syndrome 18 months 11.1 years
Fragile X Syndrome 2.8 years 5.3 years
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 14 years 28 years

Source White paper UNIR – Innovating together to reduce diagnostic delay in rare diseases, 2018

What is the diagnostic delay?

The different diagnosis journey

The UNIR initiative

Ideation and Co-creation

Health actors gather to find innovative solutions to reduce diagnostic delay in rare diseases.

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